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Sun Valley Elementary School


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This library contains images and descriptions of campus events.
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1st day of school 7.jpg
1st day of school 7
1224 x 1632496 KB
1224 x 1632544 KB
Art USA.png
552 x 338400 KB
Art wall.jpg
Art wall
1632 x 1224539 KB
Cake Day 1.jpg
Cake Day 1
3264 x 24481949 KB
720 x 960932 KB
Challenger Center.jpg
Challenger Center
5312 x 29884642 KB
Crenshaw's Camo.jpg
Crenshaw's Camo
2774 x 2023918 KB
1024 x 768100 KB
Curr night 8.jpg
Curr night 8
1224 x 1632450 KB
End of the year goodbye.png
End of the year goodbye
2048 x 15295502 KB
Football 14.jpg
Football 14
5184 x 34567408 KB
Front office Bengal.png
Front office Bengal
720 x 9601005 KB
Gingerbread 2 PM.jpg
Gingerbread 2 PM
1494 x 26561067 KB
Junk Funk 2.jpg
Junk Funk 2
1224 x 1632701 KB
Literacy Night 2.jpg
Literacy Night 2
1080 x 60875 KB
Lunch with Blue.jpg
Lunch with Blue
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Meet the Teacher Night 2014.JPG
Meet the Teacher Night 2014
4000 x 30002541 KB
Mr. Kindred kissing the pig!.png
Mr. Kindred kissing the pig!
2048 x 15294624 KB
Mrs. Binggeli.jpg
Mrs. Binggeli
1224 x 1632537 KB
Mrs. Demondo.jpg
Mrs. Demondo
1224 x 1632558 KB
Mrs. Riley's Meet the Teacher.png
Mrs. Riley's Meet the Teacher
960 x 720997 KB
Mrs. Tapia.png
Mrs. Tapia
717 x 9601163 KB
Mrs. Wesley and Mrs. Wilson helping out at the PTSO Ice Cream Social.JPG
Mrs. Wesley and Mrs. Wilson helping out at the PTSO Ice Cream Social
4000 x 30002414 KB
Mrs. Wilson.png
Mrs. Wilson
1632 x 12242157 KB
Ms. Cordero.png
Ms. Cordero
717 x 9601173 KB
MyLife Day at Raymond S. Kellis 14.jpg
MyLife Day at Raymond S. Kellis 14
640 x 480124 KB
New swings, going over the swings rules.jpg
New swings, going over the swings rules
4122 x 23122670 KB
Parents attending our honor roll assembly.jpg
Parents attending our honor roll assembly
2656 x 14941295 KB
Peter Piper Pizza.png
Peter Piper Pizza
720 x 540423 KB
Playground rules.jpg
Playground rules
4128 x 23223169 KB
Read Across America 2014.JPG
Read Across America 2014
640 x 480114 KB
Red Ribbon Assembly.jpg
Red Ribbon Assembly
1632 x 1224680 KB
RSK CTE Day.png
480 x 640480 KB
Silly String 01.jpg
Silly String 01
2322 x 41282839 KB
Silly String 07.jpg
Silly String 07
2448 x 32641147 KB
2656 x 14941136 KB
SWAG students.jpg
SWAG students
640 x 480161 KB
Talent Show 3.jpg
Talent Show 3
640 x 48086 KB
Texas Roadhouse Bike Winner.png
Texas Roadhouse Bike Winner
960 x 540829 KB
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