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 August 12, 2008


Dear Sundance Parents and Students:

Can you believe the school year has begun!! We are looking forward to a terrific year!! We have some staff changes to share with you.  Claudia Allen, former librarian, is going to Fifth grade.  Teresa Brittain, fifth grade, is moving to Coyote Hills to teach Project Ideal.  JoDee Wright is coming from Coyote Hills to be the librarian.  Kathi Roe is to be our new Developmental Preschool teacher. Janice Peterson is our instructional specialist and Sandy Oates is our Behavior specialist.


Lots of exciting things have been happening this summer.  The air conditioning has been replaced with a central unit.  All the classrooms Have been  painted and have new ceilings. The “B” building should be completed by October.  The roofs are new.  The Maintenance Crew has painted all the doors and outside of the building.  It is like a NEW SCHOOL.  We can’t wait for you to see it.



 Open House has not been determined at this time because of the construction.  You will be notified by letter and by school messenger.


School Messenger is a call program that reaches the entire school with one message.  You will get at least one call per month.  It is also a useful tool to remind parents of Professional Development Days, emergencies, field trips, etc.


Drop off and Pick up Procedures:

Students should not arrive on campus until 7:45 A.M., unless they are having breakfast which begins at 7:40 A.M.  The front parking lot off Cholla is for Grades 1-8. The Kindergarten students are to be dropped off  in the new parking lot off 71st Ave., unless they are coming with an older sibling after the construction is complete.  Please be sure children are in attendance and on time.  School begins at 8:00 A.M. Parents will be informed of Early Release days and times.

The last three years, the 2:00 pick-up for kindergarten, first, and second graders went beautifully!! We will continue the procedure. It is in the front parking lot. Cars remain in single file, pull forward.  The first car will be loaded and pull out.  At 3:00, please try to remain in single file.  It is so dangerous to have students run between the cars. We have put out cones to help you stay in a single file line.  Please park in a space if you must come up and talk to a teacher or the office.



In Touch:

We have implemented an e-mail process since last year.  You are able to access your child’s grades and attendance. You can sign up for this service with Charlene Ezop, the secretary.  We will also put the newsletter on the school web site.



The school and Booster Club communicate with parents by sending notices and newsletters home. Please check with your students to see if they have received any notices, some may require your signature.


Site Council:

Our site council meets approximately 4 times per year.  We appreciate input from them  on the various activities, labels, safety issues, etc. If you  would like to be a member, you are certainly welcome.  Just let Mrs. Hornbeek know you are interested in attending.  You will be sent personal notices of the meetings.


Behavior Management:

The staff has developed a positive behavior management plan. It encourages a partnership between school and home. We will be sharing this with the students during the first week of school and sending a letter and a copy of the plan for all to review and send back a signature. Providing the students with a positive, safe learning environment is the goal we all hope to achieve.


Parent Visitors:

Parents are urged to attend meetings which will be held to inform them of the school’s instructional programs and which will enable them to learn how they can help the school educate their children.  Individual conferences between a parents, teacher or a supervisor can be arranged by calling or writing for an appointment. The school telephone number is: 623-412-4675.

All visitors to the school, including parents, must check in at the office before proceeding to a classroom.  Please do not be offended if we ask for identification.


Fish! Philosophy  We have implemented a positive school environment that encompasses four basic principles: To Make their Day, To Be there, To choose your attitude and to Play.  These have had a very favorable effect on the staff and students.  We would like to share these with the parents and promote the principles outside of school also.  We will share these throughout the year.


Together, we can make this a positive, productive year !!


Thank you for your continued support.




Kathie Hornbeek