Partners in Education
We recognize that parents are their children’s first and best teachers. Parents volunteer thousands of hours each year to our school, faithfully supporting and attending school-wide events, celebrations, and classroom activities. They help their children with homework, ensure their children come to school prepared, and fully support our school policies. This is a tradition at Santa Fe that will continue for years to come.
Please feel free to contact Santa Fe anytime at 623-486-6475.
The school day is from 8 AM to 3 PM for all 1st-8th grade students and kindergarten academy students. We ask that all students arrive to school by 7:55 AM but not earlier than 7:40 AM so that adequate supervision can be provided.
In the event that a student is tardy to school, we ask that they check in at the front office for a late pass. This is to ensure that all students are accounted for at all times.
Please call the Santa Fe 24-hour attendance line at (623) 486-6486 if your child will be absent for any reason. Reporting absences early helps ensure that all students are safe and accounted for.
Discipline and Respect
Santa Fe is HR2!! 
H - Honesty
R = Respect
R= Responsibility
Santa Fe has a school-wide discipline plan that is designed to support individual classroom management plans used by teachers. Teachers at Santa Fe teach students what honesty, respect and responsibility look like and provide positive reinforcement when this behavior is demonstrated.  Our philosophy promotes a respect for both students and teachers. Students are encouraged to demonstrate consideration for one another and tolerance for differences. Teachers and students alike should be treated with dignity. Every person has value and is worthy of mutual regard.
Jr High students have a behavior card that teachers sign for positive behavior that is honest, respectful or responsible.  There are rewards as a result of positive behavior.  Negative behavior is also captured on the behavior card, and there are varying consequences.  Santa Fe's philosophy of discipline is not punitive in design but instead is focused on changing behavior and helping the child to mature. We realize that children will make mistakes. Our role is to guide them towards correcting the mistakes and resolving the broken relationships.
Students are given due process. Their side of the story is listened to and investigated. In the same way, students who are victims of inappropriate behavior can expect a just resolution to the problem. Parent communication will occur to strengthen the home to school partnership and assist in changing behavior.
Santa Fe Title I Plan
Santa Fe is a Title I school, which means we receive additional funding from the federal government based on our free and reduced lunch count.
The staff has worked hard to create the three goals that are posted below. If you have any questions or comments about our school wide plan or the three goals listed below, please call the front office at 623-486-6475.

Goal 1:
The overall school average for students who are at grade level (CORE) will increase from 81% on the Dibel Next Assessment April 2012 to 85% in April 2013. (K-3rd grade)

Goal 2:
The overall school average for students who met or exceed on the AIMS reading test will increase from 86%  on the AIMS 2012 to 88% on the AIMS 2013 reading test. (3rd-8th grade)

Goal 3:
The overall school average for students who met or exceed on the AIMS math test from 71% on the April 2012 AIMS math to 75% on the April 2013 AIMS math test. (3rd-8th grade)

Goal 4:
90% or more of the Santa Fe famililes will participate in October and February Parent Teacher Conferences
Student Phone Use
The use of school/office phones by students is on a permission-only basis.  Students may use the phones to call home for lunch money, assignments or for permission to attend a school function.  Students are not allowed to call home to make plans for after school.  They are encouraged to make those plans in advance with parents.
Student Pick Up and Drop Off
Students may be dropped off and picked up in the main (East) parking lot.  Please pull all the way forward in that lane until you close the gap of cars or you reach the drop off sign near the exit on Mountain View. Once you have pulled forward, then students may exit through the passenger side of the vehicle to avoid having students step into the drive lanes and oncoming traffic. After the students have exited your vehicle, you may pull out of the pull forward (left hand) lane to exit.
Please do not leave your vehicle unattended where it can block traffic at any time.
If you wish to help your student carry items to and from your car or want to walk them to the office, please park your vehicle in the main lot and accompany your student to the sidewalk.
Tax Credit
Tax Credit donations help fund excellent Santa Fe programs such as sports, arts, and field trips.
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New Students
We want your child’s first day to be smooth and comfortable. We ask that parents complete the paperwork for enrolling the student one day before the student begins attending. In this way, the classroom teacher can prepare a work space and materials in readiness to fully welcome your child to his/her classroom. This is especially important for junior high students who will need an individualized schedule prepared. The classroom teacher will also assign a buddy to take your child on a tour of the school to acquaint him/her with locations of bathrooms, cafeteria, special area classes, and playgrounds. We want all of our new students to go home on the first day of school excited about their new school and class.
Free or Reduced Lunch
You can apply for federal free or reduced lunch online at the link above or visit the Santa Fe office.
Site Advisory Council
Our Site Advisory Council consists of certified staff, parents, classified staff members, and the principal.  Members of the Site Advisory Council provide input regarding goal setting and implementation process and the school budgeting process.  Meetings are held throughout the year with agendas posted ahead of time on our outside display board. Please see the Events Calendar for times and dates.
President ​Dawn Inman
Vice President​ ​Huguette Givront
Treasurer​ ​Rori Corrales
Secretary​ ​Karin Kary
Membership​ ​Naomi Martinez
Student Activities
Fine Arts
  • Band (5-8)
  • Choir (5-8)
  • Visual Arts (K-8)
  • General Music (K-4)

Clubs (Jr High)

  • National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)
  • Student Council
  • Yearbook
  • Techno Crew


  • Football (boys/fall)
  • Volleyball (girls/fall)
  • Cross Country (boys & girls/fall)
  • Softball (girls winter/boys spring)
  • Basketball (boys winter/girls spring)
  • Track & Field (boys & girls/spring)