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Staff List
Use the Staff list for information about the teachers and staff on your campus.

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Akers TeacherSpecial Education
Armbrust Armbrust's Classroom WebsiteFourth Grade
Armendariz AssistantSpecial Education
Armendariz AssistantSpecial Education
Bates's Office
Mrs. Grade
Borrowick AssistantNurse's Office
Burchett Grade
Castellanos AssistantSpecial Education
Chagolla PrincipalAdministration
Compas AssistantFront Office
Conner Areas
Cook TeacherSpecial Education
Coury AssistantSpecial Areas
Crews Areas
Cuthbert AssistantFront Office
Deevers - 4 Music TeacherSpecial Areas
DeMoro Education
TeacherSeventh Grade
Figueroa Figueroa's Classroom WebsiteEighth Grade
Foster Grade
Foster Grade
Fugatt Areas
Garcia AssistantFifth Grade
Geller Grade
Geller Grade
Gosda ManagerSpecial Areas
Grace AssistantSpecial Education
Graner AssistantSpecial Education
Haney Grade
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