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Foothills Fine Arts Academy

 The Foothills Theater Program

​The Foothills Theater program

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3/31/2016 3:57 PMMaria Norling
T​he Foothills Visual Art program will introduce students to the languages, concepts, and practices of art through creating artwork and studying historical perspectives. Students will be engaged in opportunities that will further their understanding of the different facets of the visual arts and learn about the elements of art and the principles of design and  they will learn more about  composition, style, method and materials.​The students will expand their knowledge of different art styles through art appreciation lessons and develop their artistic skills through hands on learning during studio art projects.The arts also provide the students with many opportunities to use and develop their problem solving skills.​

 Foothills Dance

The Foothills dance program includes experiences in technique, choreography, improvisation and concert production.  We study the styles of ballet, jazz and modern dance, focusing on the basic techniques and history of each.  During daily technique class students learn the language and body skills inherent in each of the styles.  In addition to physical skills, students are engaged in many experiences involving the elements of dance which are the tools used to create original work and to communicate specific meaning through movement.  Through improvisation and choreographic problem solving, students gain a practical approach to creating original movement based on a variety of stimuli such as poetry, pictures, personal experiences, historical or current events.  Students also learn about stage etiquette, professional performance behavior and theater terminology which are then demonstrated in their final spring performance. 


 Foothills Music

​The Foothills music program....
4/7/2015 8:09 PM
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