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Reason for their Nomination
Ms. WilsonKendrick Emery

​Kendrick is an amazing student to have in class.  She is very creative and always excited to learn!

JanuaryYellow- Malamalama
Ms. WilsonCylus Dattilo

​Cylus is actively involved in the school.  He is always willing to help out and is an asset to class and student council. 

Ms. WilsonNatalya Banks

​Natalya is a hard worker.  She always has a smile on her face. She positively influences the class through her words and actions. 

JanuaryBlack- Indarra
Ms. WilsonGracia Pier

​Gracia is always willing to help out.  Her involvement in student council, yearbook, announcements, and sports allows her to be a leader on the campus. She takes her academics seriously and excels in her classes. 

JanuaryBlue- Reveur
Ms. WilsonFrankie - Jo Froehle

​Frankie - Jo is a joy to have in the classroom.  She is very creative, works hard, and always participates.  She is kind to her peers and always willing to help others.

JanuaryYellow- Malamalama
Ms. Wilson Makayla Soles

​Makayla is a bright student.  She participates, helps her classmates, and is a positive example for her peers. 

JanuaryYellow- Malamalama
Ms. WilliamsAbigail Power

​Abigail is a very hard worker who always takes pride in her work.  Her confidence and her creativity are what make her one of a kind!  Thank you Abigail for being an awesome 8th grader!  

JanuaryBlue- Reveur
Ms. WilliamsAnnalisa Ramos

​Annalisa is always so positive and friendly to everyone.  She comes to school with a great attitude every day.  Her helpfullness and kindness is genuine.  She has been a great role model amongst her eighth grade peers.  Thank you Annalisa!  

JanuaryYellow- Malamalama
Mrs. GiangobbeAnothony Johnson

​Always willing to help others and gives 100 percent effort.

JanuaryBlack- Indarra
Mrs. GiangobbeEaston Froehle

​Easton is always willing to help others be successful in the skills we are learning.  She always tries her best.

JanuaryBlack- Indarra
Ms. WilliamsAlyssa Bailey-Carelli

​Alyssa has shown courage and strength this year as a new student in the 8th grade.  I have watched her persevere through personal and academic obstacles.  She has become a great addition to our eighth grade this year and I have no doubt that she will continue to do well in high school next year!

JanuaryBlue- Reveur
Mrs. GiangobbeLuis Castrejon

​Luis Always has a smile on his face and is happy to help in any way asked.  He has an outstanding attitude and great effort.

JanuaryBlack- Indarra
Mrs GiangobbeJavon Thomas

​Javon works hard and is always willing to help others.  Outstanding attitude and effort.

JanuaryBlack- Indarra
Ms. WilliamsHaleigh Silhacek

​Haleigh is a very creative and diligent student who always takes pride in the "finished product".  I can always count on Haleigh to do her best.  She is respectful and helpful and has been a leader in my homeroom.  Thank you Haleigh!

JanuaryBlack- Indarra
Mrs. GiangobbeJeanette Flores

​Jeanette works hard and has a great attitude.  Always willing to help.

JanuaryBlack- Indarra
Mrs. GiangobbeHanna Pierce

​Hanna has a wonderful attitude and works hard in class.  She is always smiling and enjoys working with others.

JanuaryBlack- Indarra
Mrs. GiangobbeRiley Lanning

​Riley has an outstanding attitude and always gives her best.  She works hard in every situation, showing great growth. 

JanuaryBlack- Indarra
Mrs. GiangobbeMatthew Poladian

​Matthew has a great attitude and is always smiling.  He always tries his hardest and has shown great improvement.

JanuaryBlack- Indarra
Mrs. CarpenterEli Barnes

Eli has been working diligently in both his Math and English Language Arts classes.  He is willing to help other students when needed and will do AWESOME in high school!  Keep working hard Eli.

JanuaryBlack- Indarra
Mrs. CoffeyMassimo Guzman

​Massimo is kind, patient and he is a creative thinker.  He rallies around his friends and encourages them to do their best. 

JanuaryRed- Kha'm pha'
Mrs. CoffeyAlec Olguin

​Alec is a keen observer of the world. He is friendly and willing to help others. Alec loves sports and is always ready to play.

JanuaryRed- Kha'm pha'
Mrs. CoffeyBrynn Postel

​Brynn is a sweet girl and she is very serious about her work in class. She enjoys helping others with their work. Brynn has a good sense of humor and a terrific smile.

JanuaryBlue- Reveur
Mrs. CoffeyAdisen Sells

​Adisen is a very caring and hard working student. She enjoys learning in class with friends. Adisen takes classroom jobs seriously and loves being in school. 

JanuaryBlue- Reveur
Mr. NewportEvonna Elliot

​Evonna is one of the boldest leaders of her age I've seen, and what's more she actively takes care of her class. 

JanuaryBlack- Indarra
Mr. NewportRylee Carlson

Rylee's vocabulary is strong and is always the first to speak up during a discussion in class. She's an asset to her class and her grade. 

JanuaryBlack- Indarra
Mr. NewportLeah McFall

​Leah has a knowledge that precedes her years, she inspires other students to be stronger and make stronger choices. 

JanuaryBlack- Indarra
Mr. NewportDaima Shivers

Daima is a leader and is always on top of keeping her fellow students in check during class. ​

JanuaryBlack- Indarra
Mr. NewportMashaall Hassan

Mashaall is always the first to raise her hand, and is never afraid to take an educated guess. She's caring, and passionate in every activity I've seen her take part in. 

JanuaryBlack- Indarra
Mr. NewportKaydence Bonamo
Kaydence in due time will be one of the drama program's most bright leaders. She's smart, witty, and one of the kindest students in my 5th grade drama class. 
JanuaryBlack- Indarra
Mr. NewportAlex Lopez
Alex is one of the most "on top of it" sixth graders I've encountered. Always on time, always clear and fighting for every line, Alex is an absolute asset to the drama program. 
JanuaryBlack- Indarra
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