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FH Reflective Blog

Jan 10
Do we (educators) need to set goals?


Here is a video going around in the principals circle.  It comes from a sports mind-set. Wondering your thoughts about this idea.  Post your thoughts below.

Link to the site that the video is from:

Link to the video:



Oct 12
Nonacademic Skills Are Key To Success. But What Should We Call Them?
More and more people in education agree on the importance of learning stuff other than academics.
But no one agrees on what to call that "stuff"......
What should we call them?
Why do we need to call them anyhting?
How does this article outline hurdles or pathways to our missions and vision of an arts based campus?
Apr 12
Arts Integration and Differentiation


Click the link below for an article that connects integration and the idea of differentiation.

  • What information is new to you?
  • What information challenges your understandings or current practices?
  • What other insights might you have?
Apr 12
Welcome to the Foothills Relfective Practice BLOG

Reflective practice is capacity development. On this site, we can dialogue and respond to what we see, hear, and read about in regards to our work as a staff at the Foothills Fine Arts Academy. Your time will be reflected in PD hours for recertification. 

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