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Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple Computer, once said, "Teachers started recognizing me and praising me for being smart in science and that made me want to be even smarter in science!"  At eCampus, we also want to recognize our student's accomplishments to inspire them to become lifelong learners and perhaps, become innovators and visionaries in the fields they are passionate about.  We hope you enjoy viewing and experiencing our student's success.  Please visit us often as we update this site with plenty of student success stories. 
Student Showcase #1
Name: Ashley Lopezlira
Nominating Teacher: Mrs. Teresa Fuller
Course: Personal Fitness
Description: This was the student's final project.  They could either make a PowerPoint or for extra credit, design a video on one of the topics covered duing the class.
Quote from teacher: ​"Ashley's assignment was well planned and it had a lot of information that I felt was used in this assignment. She applied what she learned from our nutrition assignment and made it into a great video​ about making healthier nutritional choices. I also thought it was fun that she got her little brother to go in on the project as well.  It was an amazing video!​  Great job Ashley."
Student Showcase #2
Name: Kaitlyn Zurcher
Nominating Teacher: Mrs. Cara Miller
Course: English II
Description:  Students were required to conduct research on a social crisis of their choice. They had to locate sources, assess their credibility, gather relevant evidence on various aspects of the crisis, and use that research to create two products (an informative brochure and an audio recording presentation). Kaitlyn chose to focus on school shootings, specifically the Columbine Shooting, and created a fantastic brochure and verbal explanation.
Quote from teacher: ​"Kaitlyn has been a fantastic student throughout this course and consistently turns in quality work. The research process can be difficult, but Kaitlyn tackled it head on and excelled on all steps on this project. Her brochure was thorough and helps readers develop a deep understanding of her topic, while her audio presentation was clear and easy to follow. I appreciate the work she put into this project! Her finished products are something the be proud of! 
Student Showcase #3
Name: Kinsey Lancaster
Nominating Teacher: Mr. Scott Lanning
Course: English IV
Description: The essay Kinsey submitted was the senior research project.  
Quote from teacher: ​"​Kinsey did an outstanding job throughout the research process. Her sources and evaluations were very thorough and insightful. Her essay​ was very well organized and explored, in depth, many ideas about how music affects our lives. It was very detailed and well-supported. This is one of the best reserach essays we have received in the last few years. I appreciate her hard work!​