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Principals Page

 A Message From Our Principal ...

 Hello Panthers!


     In the past year we saw numerous changes: construction of a new gym, a two story academic building, and, yours truly, a new principal.  My hope is that I served you all well in the past year and my mission is to keep searching for new and better ways to be your head administrator

     While on this campus I expect that you all will conduct yourselves with dignity and respect for your peers, teachers, and facilities; be mindful of the time spent by the staff to enable you the opportunity to learn.  Education is a privilege, and I want you all to feel grateful for the chance to expand your horizons every day you come to class. 

     Please don’t forget that aside from your educational goals, it is equally important to partake in the vast array of co-curricular activities.  Every student can only gain and grow from joining a club, auditioning for a play, or joining a sports team.  All of my own children were extremely involved while in high school and each in different areas.  Each of them is better today because of these experiences, and I believe their high school experience was complete because of them. 

     What we believe is the quality of our lives.  If you heed my advice, study hard, and partake in all that you can, outside and inside the classroom, then I believe you will love Peoria High School as much as I do.  Welcome back, and let’s have a stellar year!



Kayla C. Carter Ph.D.

Peoria High School Principal