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Aug 21
Centennial Community:
This year we continue our 22 years of tradition and excellence and I am honored and privileged to be Principal of Centennial High School.  At Centennial, we believe in building a culture of achievement that allows all students to engage in a world class educational experience.  I look forward to our partnership as it is our shared investment and responsibility in creating a culture and academic press for our students.   Our faculty and staff will relentlessly live up to our mission:  “Quality Instruction Every day, Personalized Learning for All”.
Parents: you are a vital partnership to this journey and we need your help. We need you to motivate your child to be in attendance, dream and to push them.  If the students don’t care, what we do here is not going to change a thing and will have very little effect. A child’s first teacher is the one at home who is the role model for civility and learning. 
Students: learning is something you choose to do, not something done to you.  Dream realistic dreams and be persistent in your learning.  You only have one chance at high school, but you have each day to make it right and to create a place you want to be part of as well as have the responsibility to pay it forward for future coyotes.
I look forward to working with each of you as we create a memory to last a lifetime.  My door is always open; I encourage you to introduce yourself and please don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything.
Mrs. Lopezlira

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