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PTSO stands for Parent-Teacher-Student Organization. All staff members, parents, family members, students and teachers are welcome to join!MEMBERSHIP IS FREE! 
Membership carries no obligationMemberships are free and available to everyone in our community: parents, grandparents, other family members, alumni, and business owners…ANYONE who wishes to by involved and support our school.

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Join Your Apache PTSO​​  

Why join the Apache Elementary School PTSO?
The number one reason to join the Parent Teacher
Student Organization is to benefit your child – in doing
so, you also support his/her school. 
Being a PTSO member helps you:

*Stay connected with what’s happening in the school;

*Gives you opportunities to meet other parents, teachers, and school administrators;

*Offers a place for you to express concerns and ideas about your child’s education;
*Demonstrates to your child the importance you place on supporting his/her school and community. 


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PTSO Board
Tressa Rappold
Vice President:
Ariel Motz
Fundraising Chair:
Bridget Brooks
Corinne Yee
Cadi Davis
Community Events Chair:
Erin Harr
Teacher Appreciation Chair:Jolene Rippey

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Apache PTSO​​​

Our objective is to
create a strong sense
of community
 among our
students, families, and staff
and to support our students’ education. We do this by
raising funds and providing
volunteers for community
events, for purchases to improve Apache, and for
teacher/staff appreciation.