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The Music Gallery will showcase Apache students whose musical talents enrich all of our lives. Some of the music compositions below are played on a Yamaha PSR-270 keyboard synthesizer. The student plays the music using the keyboard which is also connected to a computer. The music is recorded on the computer and then saved in a format that will allow it to be played on the Internet. Special thanks to Mr. Richard Sporski whose generous donations of recording equipment, time and expertise have helped make the Music Gallery a reality.

Raised Without A Dime - Ariel Pena 11-16-10

Slacker - Ariel Pena 11-16-10 

Chains On Me - Ariel Pena 11-16-10

Barnyard Blues - Ariel Pena 11-16-10

Time Of My Life - Apache Chorus 4-19-10

Seasons of Love - Apache Chorus 4-19-10

Maple Leaf Rag - Carly Dixon 1-22-10

Not For The Life Of Me - Brianna Wilson (Apache Graduate) 1-22-10

I Could Have Danced All Night - Hannah Ashcroft 1-22-10

I Dreamed A Dream - Brianna Wilson 5-8-09

Colors Of The Wind - Alexis Noriega 5-8-09 

Part Of Your World Your World - Brianna Wilson 5-8-09

For Good - Alexis Noriega and Brianna Wilson 5-8-09

Dreams On Fire - Alexis Noriega 5-8-09

In Dreams - Darian Comsa - 3-12-09

Thank You For The Music - Ashley Hornsby and Brianna Wilson - 3-12-09

Open Arms - Ashley Hornsby - 3-12-09

What I Did For Love - Brianna Wilson 3-12-09

Moon River - Alexis Noriega - 3-12-09

African Noel - Apache Chorus 12-16-08

Banana Boat Song - Apache Chorus 12-16-08

Bid Bom - Apache Chorus 12-16-08

Big Band Santa - Apache Chorus 12-16-08

Enter With Singing - Apache Chorus 12-16-08

I Am But A Small Voice - Apache Chorus 12-16-08

Noel Nouvelet - Apache Chorus 12-16-08

Rhythm Of Life - Apache Chorus 12-16-08

Silver Bells - Apache Chorus 12-16-08

Sweet Singing In The Choir - Apache Chorus 12-16-08

The Pink Panther - Darian Comsa - 10-9-08

He Sent His Son - Oboe - Colton Ashcroft - 10-9-08

My Heart Will Go On - Alexis Noriega - 10-9-08

God's Will - Sean Kocmoud - 10-9-08

Good Morning Baltimore - Brianna Wilson - 10-9-08

Save The Best For Last - Ashley Hornsby - 10-9-08

Tear Drops On My Guitar - Brianna Wilson 2-6-08

Valentine - Sean Kocmoud - 2-6-08

A Thousand Miles - Ashley Hornsby 2-6-08

Stupid Cupid - Ashley Hornsby 1-24-08

Star Spangled Banner - Darian Comsa 1-24-08

Northern Woods and Lakes - Darian Comsa 1-24-08

I Wouldn't Have Missed It For The World - Sean Kocmoud - 11-8-07

Angel Of Mine - Ashley Hornsby - 11-8-07

Lost- 2007 Josh Comsa - Apache Graduate (copyright & posted with permission)

Mirror Mirror - Ashley Hornsby 10-12-07

War Of The Worlds - Radio Play Performed By Mrs. Howe's PI Students 2007

I Am Your Angel-Ashley Hornsby 8-31-06

The Hitchhiker - Radio Play Performed By Mrs. Howe's PI Students 2006

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again-Kelsey Dunkin-11-30-05

Think of Me-Kelsey Dunkin-11-30-05

Carol Of The Bells-Kelsey Dunkin-11-30-05

Reflection-Kelsey Dunkin-11-8-05

The Entertainer-Josh Comsa & LaNaya Comsa-4-11-05

Gypsy Spain-LaNaya Comsa & Josh Comsa-4-11-05

You Only Live Twice-LaNaya Comsa-4-11-05

Hungarian Dances-Darian Comsa-4-11-05

Variation of Whistle A Happy Tune-Josh Comsa-4-11-05

My Favorite Things-TaNesha Comsa-4-11-05

Chim Chim Cher-Ree-Darian Comsa

Michelle Unruh-Ragtime Swing-12-15-04

Kira Shelton-Making Mischief-12-13-04

Jake Halagan-Blues Grass Blend-10-29-04

All That Jazz-Apache Chorus-10-21-04

Puttin' on The Ritz-Apache Chorus-10-24-04

Michelle Arancibia-Sonatina in F Major 9-24-04

Aya Nameth and Amanda Ailport were two of the most talented singers to attend Apache. Crank up the speakers for their version of the 1940's Andrew Sister's classic Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy you'll love it.

It Was Just Another Story-Aya Nameth-Apache Grad.-2006

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy -Amanda Ailport & Aya Nameth-3-26-04

The Rose-Aya Nameth-11-21-03

All I Want For Christmas-Aya Nameth-11-21-03
Broken Wing-Aya Nameth 2003
Wind Beneath My Wings-Aya Nameth 2003

Blue-Amanda Ailport-11-19-03
Hurt Me-Amanda Ailport-11-21-03


George Somi
-This collection of George's songs will amaze you, and is one of the highlights of the Music Gallery. George was the first student to be recorded for the Music Gallery, and set a high standard for those to follow. Each composition is played on a Yamaha PSR-270 keyboard.

La Bamba-2003-Arranged by George Somi
Arabian Song-2003-Arranged by George Somi

Fur Elise-2003 by George Somi

Moonlight Sonata-2003 by George Somi
The Entertainer-2003 by George Somi
Fight To Victory-2003 (original score) by George Somi
Axel F-2003-Arranged by George Somi

007 Theme Song-2003-Arranged and played by Michael Kelly & George Somi
Metal Gear Solid 2 Theme-2003-Arranged by-George Somi


Thanks for the Memories-Mrs. Rebecca Bell & Mr. Howard Hovatter-5-14-04

Monday Morning Primal Beat (drum solo) Paul Williams-5-03-04

Clevland Boogie-Micah Smiley-4-6-04
Sexton Boogie-Micah Smiley 2-4-04
Wild West Boogie-Micah Smiley-5th grade-2003
Saturday Night Boogie-Micah Smiley-5th grade-2003
Some Sort of Boogie-Micah Smiley-5th Grade-11-5-03
Terzenblues-Micah Smiley-5th Grade-11-5-03


Fly-Jacob Bombaci-4-2-04 (original composition on bass guitar)
Light Bass-Jacob Bombaci-11-19-03
Power-Jacob Bombaci-11-19-03
Four Thirteen-Jacob Bombaci-11-19-03
Big-Jacob Bombaci-4-2-04 (original composition on bass guitar)

Night Song-Apache Chrous-3-1-04
Carol of the Bells-Apache Chorus-3-1-04
Blue Sky's-Apache Chorus-10-15-03
Adoramus Te-Apache Chorus-10-15-03

Somewhere-West Side Story-LaNaya Comsa-2-6-04
Tonight-West Side Story-LaNaya Comsa-2-6-04
Yankee Doodle-Lanaya Comsa-12-16-03

Maria- West Side Story-Josh Comsa-2-6-04
The Lord Of The Dance-Josh Comsa-2-6-04
Pink Panther-Joshua Comsa-5th Grade-11-17-03

Cruella De Vil-Darian Comsa-2-6-04

Honeysuckle Rag-Jamie Warren-5-19-04 (5th grade)

Peter Gunn-Apache Band-11-3-03
Rock and Roll Part 2-Apache Band-11-3-03
Raiders March-Apache Band-11-3-03


Time of Your Life-Dennis Hill-10-20-03

Tears-(original poem about the 9-11 tragedy) Breana Becker-11-5-03

Jamie's Song-2003 (original score) by Jamie Warren 4th grade

Turn Your Eyes To Jesus-2003-Joey Bates

Serenade-Flute-Hallie Meyer-2003